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The Mayan Yucatan

Our first trip to the Yucatan peninsula was all about discovering the Mayan Yucatan. Culture, history, anthropology and archaeology. Inherent in the exploration was the experience of the meeting and melding of the Mayan and Spanish cultures into the modern state of Yucatan. Five days of applied exploring gave us plenty to see, experience, and […]

California Super Bloom

This year’s California super bloom of wildflowers is like nothing I have ever seen before. While I have been making posts on Facebook and Instagram, I know that some of my followers practice life without social media. (What a concept!) I would like to share for the record a more permanent record of this extraordinary […]

Chilkoot River Management | Chilkoot Bears

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The Chilkoot River corridor faces difficult management issues addressing vehicle congestion and tourist safety as crowds visit Haines Alaska to view bears. Recently the Haines Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) convened to address the ongoing challenge of the issue of management in the Chilkoot River corridor.  Complaints written to the Haines Visitor Center about the situation […]