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Aside from the usual offerings, every year I have enjoyed publishing calendars that showcase a location or theme. The Haines Alaska Calendar has become increasingly popular, and will be the only calendar offered for 2024. This offering is available by mail through PayPal or check. For those who do not prefer ordering online, please contact me directly.

Check the Smug Mug Gallery for the usual print and merchandise offerings, as well as for current fun and general photography in the Collections gallery. Lots of albums of Alaska, Yukon and Aleutian road trips, Hawaiin and Yellowstone adventures, camping with bears on the beach, as well as other jaunts wherever my lens leads me. Updated regularly at this time. 

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2024 Haines Alaska Calendar



Calendar is printed on 8.5 x 11 glossy 60 lb paper,
with spiral binder

Price: $25 USD
Postage: $5 - 1st Class Mail

Total: $30













See you next year!
A series of DVDs documenting a season in photographs, videos,
and music of life in Alaska as I see it through my lens.

$12 for regular DVD
$18 for Blu-Ray
Price includes shipping
Please specify which year’s edition of Haines Through the Lens
you wish to receive in the special instructions

See the full selection at: Books & DVDs


2012 - Chapters include: A View of Haines, and To the Yukon and Beyond: A trip up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Ocean. (Read the blog of this journey at: Led by A Lens: A Dempster Diary and make sure to enjoy "The Spirit of the Caribou"). In this DVD I have used series of photographs to create timelines and illustrate stories that take the viewer through capsules of time & space, as a technique for conveying a story.

2013 - Chapters include: Haines through the 2013 season, Denali National Park, where we enjoyed ten days of wonderful weather, big country, abundant wildlife, and picking blueberries on McClure Glacier, and Kluane National Park, (Yukon Territory) where we journeyed and enjoyed the first snow fall at Kluane lake while climbing to photograph dall sheep and moose.

2014 - Chapters include A Season in Haines, and Up the Highway, which documents our return to Kluane National Park in to photograph rams, ewes and lambs of dall sheep. (Be sure to enjoy the blog, In Search of Sheep for a full recounting of the tale behind the photography). This chapter also includes explorations of the tundra and high country of the Three Guardsman area of Haines Pass.  New to this DVD are several chapters of hybrid video/photography mockumentaries including Hunting for Hooligan, Gulls Gone Wild, In Quest of Color, and Grizzlies in the Mist.

2015 - Chapters include A Season in Haines and Our Aleutian Road Trip  which documents our trip up the Alaskan Highway, down the Glenn Highway to Homer where we did a side trip of four days with bears on Hallo Bay of Katmai National Park before running out the Aleutian Island Chain to Dutch Harbor and then Kodiak, and back to Haines via the Kenai Penninsula, and the Denali and Richardson Highways with a drop  into the Matenuska Glacier. (A blog of this fun trip can be enjoyed at: Aleutian Road Trip.) Mockumentaries include Singing for Supper (sea lions in search of a meal) and Scoter Madness. Orders of Focus on Alaska will receive a complimentary copy of this DVD in regular, or Blu-Ray format.