Top Day in Haines – highly recommended!

Date: May 29, 2011


Location: Tingha, NSW Australia

Cruise Date Month: May

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This day in Haines with Tom and Holly was absolultely wonderful. My Guide Tom imparted lots of local knowledge throughout the day, but what was so wonderful was being a local person Tom brought us to areas that were both beautiful to photograph and lovely to sit and appreciate, photographer or just a person wanting a day to see Haines and all it has to offer as it is. Lunch at “The Lake” was a quiet, peaceful and happy time with friendly banter most enjoyed.
I highly recommend this trip, as an amature photographer who Tom helped wonderfully, or as a person wanting some great memories with a little “point & shoot”. You will not be dissapointed! And the river is awesome 🙂

Cruise Date Year: 2011;jsessionid=3902548454167365F2A93B52C1BD4F57?excursionCode=8099&portCode=HNS&destCode=A&requestSource=shoreExcursions



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Date: Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 5:06 PM

M/M Starkey, cabin, 4020, bkn# DNXP9T Skagway – Haines Photography – Tour-guide Tom & Emily

Tom and Emily were great tour guides. They knew exactly where to stop in Haines to get the best photos. They were both experts in ho to operate certain cameras and were very happy to help to get the best shot.

The asked what our interests were and tried to accommodate everyone’s desires. We would recommend this tour to everyone that wanted to see the “real” Alaska and not just the commercial area.


­­­­­­­­­­Great excursion

Date: September 10, 2010


Location: Florida

Cruise Date Month: August

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We met up with our guide/instructor, Tom Ganner, in Skagway and then rode the fast ferry to Haines. During the trip, Tom asked us about our photography experience and what we hoped to see. Tom was knowledgeable and personable and we soon were off to several awesome sites where he helped us set up the perfect shots. I learned more in 2 hours than in several months about my camera. Tom also gears the instruction to all levels and all types of cameras. The highlight was photographing a sow brown bear as she taught her two cubs how to fish for salmon. Awesome! Highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like to improve their skills in a beautiful setting!

Cruise Date Year: 2010


Thought I would put a plug in for Joe Ordonez and Rainbow Glacier Adventures in Haines. We managed to escape Skagway, which seems to be mostly jewelry shops owned by the cruise companies, to Haines on the fast ferry during a cruise stopover.

Joe hooked my family (two adults and three kids, ages 10, 12 and 15) and I up with us up with Tom, a retired middle school science teacher and avid photographer who was perfect for my shutterbug 12-year-old. Met us right at the dock in Haines as promised.

Both Joe and Tom said no guarantees on bear sightings, but boy did they deliver. There’s a couple mothers and their cubs that hang out on the Chilkoot River that put on quite a show for us. Munching salmon. Flopping about in the water. Truly unforgettable viewing. We were no more than 30 feet or so from one of the mothers at one point. We were there for ages, even in the drizzle.

If bear-chasing and scenery are your thing and you don’t have much time (few cruise shippers do), then Joe’s a great resource for the area.


“Haines Photographic Adventure”

Reviewed October 6, 2011

My wife and I took a Haines Photo Tour, run by Rainbow Glacier Adventures with Tom Ganner on Sep. 7th. Tom meet us as we got off one of the Holland America ships, and I will have to say it was the best guided trip I have every taken. He listened to the client and stopped if we asked. I got shots of Eagles that I was not expecting. The use of his tripod and the grip that came along with it allowed me to get clean shots. I went on several other photo excursions and the guide either did not have a understanding of photography as Tom did or were more interested in getting us to the point we could buy cheap souvenirs. Tom looked out for our safety with the bears we photographed and suggested better shooting vantage points to get the best shots. I would take this trip again.




“Four of us had a fantastic cruise excursion with Tom Ganner recently. We are very amateur photographers but we loved the idea of your Photography Tour to Haines (offered by ShoreTrips) and it was the best day of our cruise. Tom was very patient and charming. We were four ladies age 65 and up: two from France (one with almost no English), one (age 76) who had never used a camera before, and one (me) who thinks she knows more than she really does about photography. Tom showed us a side of Alaska we would not otherwise have seen. Thanks Tom!”


Libbie Griffin posted on Rainbow Glacier Adventures LLC’s Wall


“Best day of the cruise!”

Reviewed June 21, 2012

Four of us (ladies of a certain age, very amateur photographers) signed up for the Photography Tour to Haines in May 2012. Tom Ganner was our guide. The weather was wet and our lack of knowledge surely must have challenged Tom’s patience, but he was game and we had a great day! By getting away from the tourist stuff in Skagway and going via ferry to Haines we not only saw beautiful Alaska country but we also got a glimpse of how people really live in Alaska. We had a wonderful day! Thanks Tom!





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Subj: Shore excursion 6070203 Guides Choice Photo Discovery


On June 13, 2012 I took the Guide’s Choice Photography Discovery Shore Excursion #6070203 in Haines.  As President of the 175 member Camera Club Of Hilton Head Island, I have enjoyed many field trips and presentations by expert photographers.  Tom Ganner from Rainbow Glacier Adventures is one of the best tutors I have met.  His style is comfortable and informative.  His presentation of multiple facets of photography from eagles, totem poles, scenery and bears to wildflowers and water falls was unhurried and educational.  He had excellent tripods for our use as well as his expertise to assist.  My wife is not a photographer but she enjoyed the tour, the scenery and the opportunity to get close to the grizzlies. Great excursion.  John, Hilton Head Island, SC



Tom — thank you so much for remembering us and forwarding the eaglet shot!!  Our day with you was one of two highlights of our Alaskan adventure.  We really enjoyed our lessons from you and our experience with the bear.  I have a sequence of bear shots I’m thrilled with.  As soon as life slows a little here,

I’ll get my 2,000 Alaskan adventure shots organized and share my favorite bear photos with you — if you’re interested.

Thanks again for the photo tips.  I’ve adopted several of them.  Thanks also for the great day! — Kay


Kay Millar, CEO, Millar Communications Strategies, Inc.,



“Solid day with Rainbow Glacier Adventures”

Reviewed August 23, 2012

Booked a private tour for the family through Rainbow Glacier Adventures when our cruise ship stopped in Haines on Aug. 8. The day was filled with southeast Alaska’s famous “liquid sunshine,” but even so our guide Carolyn made sure we saw lots of beautiful sights including a nest with a baby bald eagle and a brown bear fishing for salmon along the road to Chilkoot Lake. She took extra care making sure the kids were safe around the bear, which was appreciated. She even drove us out past the 33 Mile Roadhouse to see a couple of beautiful swans.

I ended up going back out in the afternoon with Carolyn’s husband Tom on a photo tour booked through our cruise ship. He was wonderful — funny, friendly and informative.

Pictures from the day are on my personal blog at We wouldn’t have seen most of what we did without their terrific guidance!

Steve Harbula, Denver, CO



“A Phenomenal Day with a Terrific Guide, Teacher and Photographer!”

Reviewed October 13, 2011

Our cruise and land tour of Alaska was filled with stunning vistas, gorgeous scenery, outstanding experiences, and memorable people, – and this one encapsulated all of the above. Tom Ganner, our guide, was terrific. I am a new photographer, and I feel so lucky I got to go on an excursion where I spent 6 hours in a small group of 6, guided to perfect spot after perfect spot, by a great and patient teacher who not only pointed out new and interesting ways of looking at things, but also took the time to help me understand my new camera and the things it could do and the ways to make it do those things. And, did I mention the bears? And the glacial lake with fly fisherman? Or the fire weed against the fjords and peaks? Or the perfect reflecting tidal pool at magic hours? All topped off by his generous follow up to my email questions, with more tips and suggestions on how to improve. This is an adventure I will remember for a long, long time – and I’ve got the great pictures to help me do it!

-Ron Shubin on TripAdvisor






Thursday morning, we had a hearty room service breakfast, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and eggs. The ship had docked in Skagway and we were then off to our photo tour day in Haines. While waiting for a pick-up, we met an artist, named Ann who was from Skagway . She told us about her gallery, her water colors, and the challenging conditions of living in Skagway or Haines in the winter. The ride to Haines was about 45 minutes on a ferry. Before boarding, we met our guide and the rest of our group. We were re-united with a family that had gone on the float plane trip with us. It included Bill and Bill, an older gentleman in a wheel chair and his daughter. There were 6 of them altogether and we crossed paths with them a number of times. No one let that wheel chair limit their trip in any way. They went with one guide and us and another couple from Denver , Colorado went with Tom Ganner. He is a retired teacher who lives part of the year in Death Valley , CA. He taught science, computer science, and Photoshop. He was an amazing teacher and what a great experience to see Alaska off the beaten path.



Great excursion

Date:September 10, 2010jkadventures

Location:FloridaCruise Date Month:August

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We met up with our guide/instructor, Tom Ganner, in Skagway and then rode the fast ferry to Haines. During the trip, Tom asked us about our photography experience and what we hoped to see. Tom was knowledgeable and personable and we soon were off to several awesome sites where he helped us set up the perfect shots. I learned more in 2 hours than in several months about my camera. Tom also gears the instruction to all levels and all types of cameras. The highlight was photographing a sow brown bear as she taught her two cubs how to fish for salmon. Awesome! Highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like to improve their skills in a beautiful setting!

Cruise Date Year:2010




Two BIG Thumbs Up!

Date:July 3, 2013WannabePhotog

Location:Denver, ColoradoCruise Date Year:2013Cruise Date Month:June

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

During our cruise my wife and I participated in two photographer specific excursions, including the Guide’s Choice Photography Discovery at Haines (the other was at another port). Of the two speciality excursions, our Haines visit was by far the best! Our main guide was Tom, he was accompanied by Brooke, an intern working with the company this summer. Tom and Brooke did a really nice job on this excursion … I’m grateful to both for sharing their photographic talents. They had wonderful insight about the Haines area and extensive photographic knowledge to help me better use my equipment and plan shots. I’m hoping some of their creativity rubs off on me.

Although this excursion provided a box lunch (which was very nice), I encourage other participants in the future to plan on utilizing room service for dinner/supper once you return to the ship in order not to feel so rushed upon your return.




A tour for photographers of all levels

Date:July 10, 2013glfmkg

Location:Nanaimo, BCCruise Date Year:2013Cruise Date Month:July

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

My wife and I are avid photographers. We were looking for a company that could show us the beauty of the area and the best places to photograph it. We were a bit of concerned after reading a negative review on this website, but given that all others were excellent, we gave it a try. All I can say is this tour was amazing and the person who wrote that negative review had a lot of bad luck that day.

The boat ride to Haines is beautiful! We had an opportunity to see a lot of the area and had great photos from the boat. The boat guides tell you everything about the location and the service is fast and confortable. They give you complementary coffee, tea and water. Great service!

Our group was small and we loved that! We can see other tours having 100’s of people, this tour takes only small groups and it is very personalized. We were greeted at the dock by Tom (our pro-photographer guide) and from the beginning we had a great time.

Tom is a professional photographer that knows his stuff. After checking out his work, I can tell you that you have a lot of knowledge available to you from him. He is also a retired teacher, and sure knows how to explain things.

He asked as what our interest were and after the consensus of the group, he took us in a very confortable van around Haines to photograph landscapes, wildlife, flowers, waterfalls, cultural art, etc.

I’ve been taking photographs for a very long time and learned a lot on this trip. Tom gave us great advise in photographing eagles, composition and what to look for in any location we went. They have heavy duty tripod if you need one available and they give you decent lunch/snack.

This tour was awesome! We had a great time. Highly recommended!




Perfect experience

Date:June 23, 2012ChuckH

Location:IndianaCruise Date Year:2012Cruise Date Month:June

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

I agree with a lot of the comments made by a few of the other folks on the website. The entire excusion was perfect. Tom spent time and gave me suggestions (being relatively new to trying to take ‘special’ pictures) and he offered help on set up and possible settings on my camera. He knew just the right amount of suggestions to be helpful, but let me experiment also. I used a lot of his suggestions throughout the entire cruise. I now have a lot of outstanding pictures and give half the credit to Tom’s suggestions on how to put a picture together.




Date:June 4, 2012Beverly30135

Location:Atlanta, GeorgiaCruise Date Year:2012Cruise Date Month:May

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

This was the best excursion ever! Tom was so helpful with both experienced and novice photographers. We saw eagles, bears, and incredible flowers. Our photos are the best we’ve ever taken on a trip. This is an experience of a lifetime.




Top Day in Haines – highly recommended!

Date:May 29, 2011debbiemc

Location:Tingha, NSW AustraliaCruise Date Month:May

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

This day in Haines with Tom and Holly was absolultely wonderful. My Guide Tom imparted lots of local knowledge throughout the day, but what was so wonderful was being a local person Tom brought us to areas that were both beautiful to photograph and lovely to sit and appreciate, photographer or just a person wanting a day to see Haines and all it has to offer as it is. Lunch at “The Lake” was a quiet, peaceful and happy time with friendly banter most enjoyed.

I highly recommend this trip, as an amature photographer who Tom helped wonderfully, or as a person wanting some great memories with a little “point & shoot”. You will not be dissapointed! And the river is awesome 🙂

Cruise Date Year:2011




“Photo Adventure”

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 27, 2013

It was a fantastic trip. I can’t recommend it enough. Definitely a worth while stop if you like to take pictures.


Positives: Tom was the perfect balance of friendly and professional. His former job as a teacher was easily recognizable. The scenery was great but my favorite part was what I learned. He was a wealth of information on picture taking in general and taught me more about my camera in five minutes than I’d learned in the previous year I owned the camera. His information not only made the excursion beneficial but also helped shape my picture taking for the rest of the trip. And even though I didn’t have the fanciest camera in the group he made the effort to show me how to use what I had to the best of it’s potential.


Negative: The only disappoint was that we didn’t see more wildlife. We saw a number of eagles but no other animals. But that wasn’t Tom’s fault. They just weren’t out that day. He took us to several great locations.


If I had the choice to make again I’d sign up for this excursion in a heartbeat.




“Recent Photo Tour with Tom Ganner”

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 20, 2013

I recently took an Alaskan cruise on the Grand Princess, which included a stop in Haines. In Haines, a friend and I booked a photo tour with Tom Ganner as our guide, joined by Dena Selby. I can’t begin to say enough good things about our tour – and our guides! We were able to see many picturesque locations, as well as receive many helpful photography hints and helpful assists. Both Tom and Dena are extremely knowledgeable in the field of photography, and were very generous jn the sharing of information. I was rewarded with the capture of several outstanding images of Haines, which I will treasure always!

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone planning a trip to Haines, Alaska!


  1. J. Clark

San Jose, CA




“Photo tour with Tom”

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 10, 2013

Toured with Tom Ganner of Rainbow Glacier Adventures while on a Holland America cruise, MS Zaandam. We learned so much from Tom and cannot say enough about the photography skills/knowledge he packed into a few hours. Thank you Tom!!!!!


Nancy Kessler




“Well-guided and fun tour (Photo Tour to Haines)”

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 13, 2012

I booked the Photography Tour in Haines, Alaska (Sept. 2012), operated by Rainbow Glacier Adventures. The entire tour was very well-run. Tom G., our guide, was very helpful and engaging. His knowledge of the area and of photography in general was very good and was readily shared. Tom was patient with many excited people asking questions simultaneously. He answered a wide variety of photography questions, from basic camera operation to advanced photo and post-processing techniques, in addition to relaying information about local history and wildlife behavior patterns. In addition to his knowledge, I appreciated Tom’s approach towards our encroachment on wildlife – he always displayed respect for his surroundings. As it turned out, we got good pictures of both landscape and wildlife, which certainly makes the trip memorable. During the trip, our guide was in contact with other local guides by radio so that if anybody else saw wildlife we could know where to go to have a better chance ourselves. Before getting off the bus to take pictures of any wildife, Tom would recommend camera settings so that we could maximize our chances of successful pictures. I recommend this tour unreservedly.


Visited September 2012

Lance A.


Message Body:

Joe – this is the email I sent to Shoretrips, through whom I booked my tour. I wanted to make sure that it got to your organization.


The entire experience was excellent. A representative met us at the dock. He (I don’t recall his name – he was a local photographer) was at the dock early and made certain that everybody could find him. He took us to the catamaran dock, explained the process to us, and ensured that we all got on the boat on schedule. In Haines we were met by Tom Ganner – he was waiting in a prominent location with our names displayed to make it easy to find him.


Tom was very helpful and very engaging. His knowledge of the area and of photography in general was very good and was readily shared. Tom was patient with many excited people asking questions simultaneously. As it turned out, we got good pictures of both landscape and wildlife, which certainly makes the trip memorable. In addition to his knowledge, I appreciated Tom’s approach towards our encroachment on wildlife – he always displayed respect for his surroundings. Tom got us to the boat on time and ensured that we were all admitted without being charged again.


A great experience – I would gladly do it again.


Lance Anderson




“More Than Photo-Ops”

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 26, 2012

I signed up for the Photo Expedition from my cruise recently. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I like to take photographs, even though I have a pretty simple camera. Not only did Tom, our guide, take us to locations to shoot amazing landscapes, eagles, and even a bear, he was extremely good at telling me how to get the most out of my camera. I learned more in the few hours out there, than I had in a few years of reading at the manual. I’m inspired to get a better camera and take more pictures from now on.


I’d recommend the photography tour to anyone interested in taking pictures, regardless of your level of experience or your gear.


Visited September 2012

Renee P.




From: Jose and Helen

Subject: Tom Ganner


Message Body:

My wife and I took the Tour on June 4th 2013 with Tom Ganner. This was for our 25th Anniversary trip on Board the Grand Princess.   He was the best and most informative guide we ever had on a tour. Please give him our many thanks and Gratitude.


Jose and Helen, Miami Florida.



I just wanted to tell you thank you. I always enjoyed taking pictures but your instructions during our limited time together both helped me in my ability to take a good shot and also got me enthused to take more pictures here at home. I’ve been having a great time shooting ever since returning from Alaska. – James Claassen, October 30, 2013



“Tom Ganner made the Tour”

Reviewed October 1, 2013

First, Skagway and the places we were taken too were fabulous! At one point, I just sat and rested my camera as I took in the beauty of the surroundings.

But the real joy was meeting Tom. He helped me understand my camera better, encouraged me, and when my camera up and died (yes, really!) he helped me get a second option going.

  • – Terrijane01, Trip Advisor.



Holland America Guest Satisfaction Survey – 2014


Tom and the photography tour in Haines was super. All stops were well managed and beautiful. Tom was a great source of local color, photo details, etc.

Our first shore excursion was the Photographer’s Choice in Haines. We thoroughly enjoyed our guide, Tom and his knowledge and expertise regarding cameras, location, and Haines in general. Loved it!!

“Incredible Day”

Reviewed July 6, 2014NEW

After finding Rainbow Glaciers on Tripadvisor and reading all the wonderful reviews, we decided to sign up for a photography tour in Haines. We arrived in Skagway and took the fast ferry to Haines. Everything was well organized and simple. We were greeted immediately when we got off the cruise ship and taken to the ferry and were immediately greeted again when we arrived in Haines. Our photography tour with Tom Ganner was a day we will never forget! First Haines itself was so beautiful and peaceful. It is not a heavy tourist attraction area and we were so thankful we decided to go there instead of stay in Skagway. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Tom! We were thrilled to spend the day with him. He took us all over Haines seeing beautiful landscapes, eagles, waterfalls, rivers, and wildflowers. We loved that it felt like two tours in one. We got to see so much raw Alaska beauty and have plenty of time to photograph it so that we will always remember the beauty of Alaska. Tom is a fantastic guide for any level of photographer, very beginner to advanced. He easily adapts and caters to any level and need. He is an extremely humble and talented photographer, who loves sharing his knowledge with others. We highly recommend spending the day with Tom on the photography tour! My husband and I cherished every minute of it and feel like we made a lifelong friend in Tom.

Visited June 2014

-Orca G


“Photography Excursion”

Reviewed June 30, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to go on a photo excursion lead by Tom Ganner with Marty assisting Tom. I had high expectations for this tour and had been looking forward to it for months. Tom and Marty not only meet my expectations, but they far exceeded them. We had a wonderful day. Our guides not only knew where to take us, they were very helpful with technical knowledge and helpful suggestions. Their knowledge of the area, the wildlife, and correct camera settings made this a dream come true. Thanks Tom and Marty.

Visited June 2014

=Raymond V

“Haines Photography Tour With Tom Ganner”

Reviewed June 24, 2014

As a long term photographer myself, I found the whole outdoor class experience truly refreshing and informative. Tom has a unique presentation style that allows you to explore your own approach to capturing the beauty of Alaska while helping you understand some of the complexities of “making that shot work”. I was part of a group of 10 on June 16th and in talking with others, they shared similar experiences of the workshop. Tom was able to adjust his teaching and information sharing based on the experience of each person….something that I find rare these days. As a result, I would have to say that the tour was high value to me, provided me a lot of new approaches to photographing wildlife, and helped influence the quality of my photography for the rest of the entire cruise.

-Pat K


“Haines photo tour with Tom Ganner”

Reviewed June 16, 2014

My wife and I were part of a 10 person group with Tom on 06/04/14. we had a great time Tom was able to spend as much time as each person needed or wanted. He provided good tips and suggestions and took us to many great spots to shoot. I talked to others in the group later that day when we were back on ship and they had a great time also. Tom is a pro and a good teacher. he has some good HDR examples also. Book a tour with him I’m sure you will be glad you did.

Ted & Mary life long Okies.

Visited June 2014


Ask Ted B about Rainbow Glacier Adventures

This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

joeordonez, Owner at Rainbow Glacier Adventures, responded to this review, 3 weeks ago

Good to hear from you. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip with Tom. He is a true pro. His experience as a teacher, as well as photographer, come together on his tours. I’m glad to hear that you received plenty of individualized attention with a group of 10. That is the largest group size we offer for photography tours. We also offer private tours for those who want total flexibility Thanks again and come back and see us in November for the world’s largest gathering of bald eagles!


“Haines Photography Tour with Tom Ganner”

Reviewed June 14, 2014

I’ve been taking snapshots for a long time, but wanted to up my game. This tour with Tom was just what I needed. He had some wonderful stories while on the road and took our little group to some of the most beautiful scenery I can imagine. As others have said, Tom was very patient, even making a quick stop at a store so I could replace my dying batteries. He was also very informative, often pulling out his little photo journal to show example photos to illustrate a point. He also challenged us to think about non-standard camera angles and to take shots from several vantage points.

I can sum it up this way… I would do this tour with Tom again in a heartbeat! My ONLY regret is that Tom’s help didn’t come on the FIRST day of my 14-day vacation.


Lewisville, Texas, United States


“Alaska Through a Lens via Silversea Cruise Line”

Reviewed June 10, 2014

Tom Ganner’s sharing his town of Haines and its beautiful surroundings was the highlight of our trip to Alaska! This was the result of participating in the shore event “Alaska Through a Lens”. Being a “photographer-wana-be”, all the camera and shooting tips he shared were wonderful. I appreciated his personal advice using my new camera and all the composition aspects of “making a photograph”!

-Carmen S

Visited June 2014


Ask carmen s about Rainbow Glacier Adventures

This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

RGAowner, Owner at Rainbow Glacier Adventures, responded to this review, 4 weeks ago

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed your tour with us. Tom Ganner is truly a talented photographer, but beyond that, he is a great teacher.



“Photo Tour With Tom Ganner”

Reviewed June 1, 2014

My husband and I talked to the owner of Rainbow Glacier Adventures about a photography tour. My husband is the photographer and he talked to Joe about what he wanted out of the tour. Joe suggested a day long tour with Tom Ganner to help us learn the area for the best photo opportunities and camera suggestions. Tom showed us the entire area of Haines, the best Eagle photo opportunities for Eagle Fest, and other photographic sites in Haines. My husband got a fabulous shot of a Moose and her two babies in the woods near Tom’s house as well as Eagles. During our tour we pasted the Kroschel Wildlife Center and my husband was familiar with it from seeing it on TV. Rainbow set up a private tour for the next day and it was amazing. Tom took us on the 3 hour tour and we all got some great pictures of the animals.

I would highly recommend a tour with Rainbow Glaciers Adventures and especially Tom Ganner. Tom is very knowledgable of Haines and photography. He is very personable and by the end of the two days you would think he and my husband had known each other for a long time. Thanks Rainbow and Tom for a memorable two days!

Visited May 2014

-Myra R



  • Claassen PhotosIt’s all your fault. Now I can’t even drive a few miles without stopping for a picture. It’s driving my wife crazy. All the pictures in the various albums have been taken since we were up in Alaska and you got me hooked. ;o)

Unlike · Reply · 1 · April 12 at 9:32am

  • o

Claassen Photos Seriously though, if you ever need a recommendation let me know. I’ve told my wife numerous times that the money for your expedition was some of the best I’ve ever spent. Not only did I get some great pictures; I’ve also used what you taught me hundreds of times since. Thanks again.



“Tom Ganner’s Photo Tour was well worth the visit!”

Reviewed October 15, 2014

This photo tour was very much worth the time and effort! Very small group, plentiful wildlife (including Eagles, Bears, Seals, etc.); scenery and some unusual views in and around Haines that most people would never notice.

-TerryNJean_Quinn, CO Springs


“Great Subjects and Help”

Reviewed October 1, 2014

So I’m the lady who shows up with a NON SLR 4 year old camera that belongs to my husband, taking the tour with about ten people gently carrying their $10K zoom lens on poles. Needless to say, Tom spent more time with me on explaining the different things the various settings would do on the camera. He was endlessly patient, and supportive of what turned out to be a good natural eye for composition, just a lack of camera specific knowledge. For the superpros and high-level hobbyists with the fancy equipment, he provided settings that tickle the imagination and pleased the artist’s heart. And Eagles nests! The cannery is still my favorite spot. I used what he taught me on the rest of my trip, and came home with some truly amazing photos…even with nothing more than a four year old Canon Powershot.


Navarre, Florida


“Alaska Through a Lens”

Reviewed September 20, 2014

In late August, we went on an excursion with the above name. It was guided by Tom G, who is a free lance photographer too. He helped us understand composition and other facets of taking better photos. The excursion also included a chance to look for wild life. We saw an eagles nest with one adult and a fledgling standing on. Tom then took us to look for a bear. He knew a spot where one often came down and the bear, “Speedy” showed up. We photographed it for about an hour as it gorged itself on salmon and then walked down the river and finally out of the stream and into its woods. Exceptional. Haines is also a pretty town about 40 minutes by ferry from Skagway. Lunch was provided. Tom is a real pro.

Visited August 2014

Bob R

Williamsburg, Virginia


“Haines Photography Tour”

Reviewed September 1, 2014

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Tom Ganner and my Photography excursion from Haines through Holland America. Tom took us to beautiful, picturesque places, then helped us shoot the “perfect” shot. He was very knowledgable of the area and of photography and was willing to share his expertise to those who wanted to learn. To others, who already knew what they wanted to shoot, he left alone to do their thing. I went on this tour as a novice who solely shot in “Auto” mode, and left feeling competent to shoot in other modes. Tom’s instruction in composition also helped me greatly, and all my pictures have improved since my experience on this tour. Afterward, he graciously critiqued the photos I sent him when I got home, going well above and beyond the call of duty! This was an exceptional tour and one in which I am thrilled to have participated. Whether you are a novice or an experienced photographer (or somewhere in between) you owe it to yourself to take this tour!

Lynne M

Tigard, Oregon, United States


“The highlight of our Alaskan cruise/trip”

Reviewed August 17, 2014

Preparing to sail on a one week cruise to Alaska, we looked over the shore excursions and found one, just one, that resonated with us, namely, a photo day in Haines with a photographer from RGA. I wrote to RGA and began an email and phone conversation with Joe, the owner, and Robert, the manager. With Joe’s help we decided on a six hour tour with one of their photographers on Tuesday, August 12. As soon as the weather forecasts were available for that day, we checked to see what might be going on in Haines: every day was RAIN! On the ship, we checked the weather forecast for Haines, as it was RAINING every day on our cruise! Forecast was for RAIN. Tuesday morning was cloudy but then the break in the weather and, as if by magic, our photo experience was without rain! We were met by the RGA agent on the dock and taken the short distance to the catamaran ferry from Skagway to Haines. When we got off at Haines, even though more than a hundred people disembarked from the ferry, it was immediately clear who was meeting whom as I had two DSLRs strapped to my chest and the fellow who looked like an outdoor photographer was smiling at me! We met Tom Ganner and instantly we all knew we were going to have a great day! Tom asked what kind of photography were we interested in specifically as he had already read about our general interests. He got a call about a possible bear sighting and asked it that was our interest today. No, we want landscapes in this majestic area. Great, he said, let’s go! And off we went to some of his favorite spots, helping me get the most out of each area with suggestions both compositional and technical. Tom was able to provide me with a tripod as I had opted to leave mine on the ship. When we were spotting a juvenile bald eagle and I was having trouble with the focus, he got me straight, even though he is a Nikon guy and I am a Canon guy! After a number of places, he asked whether we were up for a jaunt into Canada to see some magnificent landscapes, we were and we went there. While it was’t many kilometers into Canada, it was enough to get high on the hills where we had some great views, wonderful landscapes and simply a terrific time all day. We ended up with some shots of totems near Haines and then went back to the ferry. My wife, not a photographer, also enjoyed the trip both for its magnificent views and the leisurely pace and interacting with Tom about his life in Haines, etc. We truly enjoyed our six hours with Tom!! On a practical level, Tom and RGA provided a tasty bag lunch at an attractive picnic site and convenient rest room stops.

Visited August 2014




“Photography tour in Haines with Tom Ganner”

Reviewed August 11, 2014

Tom was a great tour guide! Very informative and witty.He took our group to several different areas around Haines that we wouldn’t have seen on our own. He was also very informative about the usage of our cameras. I very much enjoyed this excursion and highly recommend it.


Robinson, Kansas


“Photography experiences”

Reviewed July 22, 2014

My husband and I, two aspiring but amateur amateur photographers booked two photography trips with Rainbow Glacier Tours, one to Skagway with Thomas Pickerel and the other for wildlife and “Tack sharp Eagle” photos in Haines with Tom Ganner. The weather was bad in Haines on the day we were due to go on the Skagway photography trip with Thomas Pickerel so Joe Ordonez re-scheduled it for a couple of days later. The day dawned but still bad weather and the sea plane flight from Haines to Skagway wasn’t possible, more juggling by Joe and we boarded the fast ferry to Skagway where we were met by Thomas for our photography tour. We’d specifically requested going to Emerald Lake as we’d heard so much about it and seen some wonderful photos. We headed off with Thomas, stopping at a number of photography locations we would never have found on our own. Thomas was fantastic in giving us guidance on how to best frame the shot, the best settings etc. Emerald Lake was a disappointment as the light wasn’t right and it didn’t look anything like it’s spectacular best. Thomas was always on the lookout for alternatives and offering us alternatives that we wouldn’t normally consider. Made us look afresh at what and how we make photographs. Some 7 hours later Thomas dropped us off at the State ferry tired but happy with our day out. We had many new ideas on composition and subject and had a thoroughly enjoyable day out. Would highly recommend this trip.
We also booked a private photography wildlife tour with Tom Ganner. Weather problems disrupted our planned day but more rescheduling ensured we didn’t miss out on this fantastic tour. Tom is an excellent guide, not only did he know the best places for viewing eagles but he also took us to his home property to ensure we got the best opportunities. He’s very knowledgeable and quickly had us taking shots we would never have thought we would get. “Tack sharp hand held bald eagle shots” – amazing. He didn’t neglect our landscape photography skills either and introduced us to exposure bracketing with a view to processing them as HDR. Another excellent tour we would highly recommend.
Many thanks to Thomas and Tom but also thanks to Joe for all the hard work in making our trips happen.

Wendy W


“Photography tour in Haines”

Reviewed July 20, 2014

We were greeted promptly by Tom Ganner, a professional photographer that lives and works in Haines. As it turned out, only my husband and I were signed up for the tour so, we had a “private” tour 😉 We talked about composition, lighting, and the style while my husband grilled him on the history of Haines and Skagway (he is not a photographer). Tom droves us to some of his favorite spots. Since he is local, he had permission to stop in spots that others cannot. It turned out to be a lovely day, I got a bunch of great shots and we even had time to get a spotting scope out to view a bald eagle nest with momma taking care of the young. We had so much fun we were the last ones on the ferry to get back to Skagway. Great day and great tour!!

Visited July 2014

Kristie J

Westminster, Colorado


“The Highlight of our Alaskan Cruise!!”

Reviewed July 19, 2014

If you want to see the most scenic postcard spots, why not go along with the one who has photographed them? Our trip with Tom Ganner, professional photographer and now great friend was an amazing host who tailored the trip to our likes and interests. Many of the tours we researched took large groups to similar areas, but having a smaller group and alongside Tom with a trained eye pointing out the best vantage points made all the difference.

Shooting landscapes has been a passion of mine and Tom taught me so much even though we carried a lot of experience. The best part was watching Tom adapt to those with little experience as well. Novice to beginner or just along for the views, Tom and Rainbow Glacier Adventures is the group to travel with!


Ogden, Utah


“Photography tour in Haines with Tom Ganner”

Reviewed July 13, 2014

My wife and I just returned from a Silversea cruise in Alaska. We had the good fortune of taking the ‘Alaska through a Lens’ tour guided by professional photographer Tom Ganner.

It was July 4 so we were able to attend the Haines main street parade – truly Americana at its best.

Tom is not only an excellent photographer providing tips on shooting angles and positions to obtain interesting photos but also a heck of a nice guy. He’s easy-going and very knowledgeable about the local wildlife and history of the area which we explored, allowing for abundant photos. A great shore excursion from Skagway!

Irwin N. Boulder, CO

Visited July 2014

rwin N

Boulder, Colorado





“Haines Alaska Guides’ Choice Photography Tour”

Reviewed October 13, 2015NEW

This was an excellent tour. Our guide, Tom Ganner, is a very knowledgeable professional photographer. He shared several techniques and offered advise on photography, both in general and unique to the current conditions and wildlife. The tour included a visit to Fort Seward where he discussed photographic techniques while the area provided a rich environment for photographing Tlingit art and Totem poles. He then took us to Chilkoot Lake and the Chilkoot River, where the salmon were making their fall run. This presented an excellent opportunity to see Brown Bears and Eagles. We viewed and photographed a great show put on by a young Brown Bear catching salmon in the river. My wife and I always felt very comfortable with Tom in this setting, so close to the wildlife. Tom was very informative and maintained good control of the group, ensuring our safety and that of the bear. I very highly recommend this tour.

-John Z, Maple Grove Minnesota, Trip Advisor



“A day with Tom Ganner -”

Reviewed September 20, 2015

excellent guide and very helpful on photo hints and techniques. I would do this again in a heartbeat. Tom knew where the critters were and how to make the best of the photos we were taking.

Visited September 2015

-Jim V, Augusta, Georgia, Trip Advisor


“Photography excursion with Tom Ganner was highlight of our trip to Alaska”

Reviewed August 26, 2015

Our guide Tom Ganner, photographer and naturalist, made this excursion. Our family (four adults), all with very limited photography experience, had a great time with Tom, especially following the brown bear Speedy and her twin cubs for about an hour and a half. Tom planned an itinerary that focused on finding wildlife around Haines, and adjusted the details very smoothly as he learned what most appealed to us and the pace we wanted. The bag lunch provided was totally acceptable. I highly recommend this excursion.

Visited August 2015

-Ruth V, Trip Advisor


“Guides Choice Photography Tour”

Reviewed August 14, 2015

Haines is a quaint little village and seems to be untouched by tourism. This makes it the perfect place to do a photography tour. Tom Ganner was our guide for the morning and the perfect photographer to get us to the best landscape and wildlife photo opportunities! His knowledge of the area as well as his photography experience and knowledge were fantastic. As a self-taught, still very much amateur photographer, I loved every minute of the tour. I have done photography tours previously, but this one far surpassed any of the others I have done. For a professional, enjoyable tour, this one ticked all the boxes.

-Judy M., Hindmarsh Island, Australia, Trip Advisor


“Guides Choice Photography Tour”

Reviewed August 11, 2015

Talk about exceeding expectations! Our photography excursion in Haines, Alaska with Tom Ganner was the high spot of our Alaskan Cruise. My expectation for the day was to be taken to a predictably scenic spot where I would learn to use my new digital SLR camera beyond its auto settings and not much more. As my husband and I set out that day we were disappointed that the weather continued to be dismal (an understatement), but Tom’s warm and enthusiastic welcome, stating that it was a great day for photography bolstered our spirits immediately. From there things just kept getting better. As it turned out, the town of Haines is a gem hosting very limited Cruise ship traffic thus preserving small Alaskan-town charm, character and history as well as being a haven for wildlife and abounding in scenery. Tom loaded 5 of us into a van and took us through historic sites where we captured totems and structures using his valuable tips on composition and camera settings. We traveled on to scenic views and wildlife settings for further instruction on great angles and more tips on composition and camera settings to take advantage of light and to capture minute detail. The instruction was personalized to each of us and the type of camera we were using, from SLR to smartphone, and all of his instruction was accompanied by personal anecdotes and local lore that let us see his passion for photography, his love of Haines and Alaska in general, and his willingness to share it all. That afternoon I learned the difference between “taking pictures” and Photography, and fell in love with an Alaskan community I had never heard of before booking this tour. I have some great photos and a platform to build on for more good shooting. This excursion is not to be missed.

Visited July 2015

Marylin E., Grand Jct, CO. Trip Advisor


“Guide’s Choice Photography Tour”

Reviewed August 7, 2015

Tom Ganner is very knowledgeable and a great tour guide. He help my daughter and I take some amazing pictures. I would highly recommend this tour if you want to learn how to take better pictures and see some unique places.

-Brian J., Trip Advisor


“Photography Excursion in Haines”

Reviewed July 29, 2015

We took the photography excursion with Tom Ganner. What a great experience! He gave some excellent tips on how to get good pictures and how to have maximum use of one’s camera. Just wished we could have had more time to go more in depth on various topics.

-ncsells, Tampa, Florida. Trip Advisor


“Haines Photography Tour”

Reviewed July 26, 2015

This was an excellent small group tour booked through Holland America. This is a tour for photographers who have an understanding of how a digital camera works, but need guidance to take “better” pictures. Tom Ganner led the tour and provided an interesting mix of local history and geography together with photography tips. We visited areas around Haines that we would not have otherwise visited. Tom provided individual assistance with the technical aspects as well as composing the shot. Tom was patient, yet engaging and the time went too quickly!

Visited June 2015

Snorkell52, Blackbutt, Australia. Trip Advisor


“A delightful day doing photography in Haines”

Reviewed July 12, 2015

Tom Ganner is the photographer-tour guide. He’s a delight – funny, informative, and very aware of where some great picture taking opportunities are. There were good lessons to be had. I’m a pretty experienced photographer, but Tom helped me improve how I do HDR (high dynamic range) photography (I was varying the f-stop rather than the shutter speed). For my wife, who isn’t so serious about photography, he worked on techniques like depth-of-field and framing. Everyone in the group had a wonderful time and I know I came back with some superb photos. Very highly recommended!

Visited June 2015

NCDoc, Durham, NC. Trip Advisor


“Even with pouring rain there are no complaints because lessons learned were valuable”

Reviewed July 11, 2015

This entire excursion was well organized from being picked up at our motel in Skagway, being ushered onto the ferry to meeting Tom in Haines. He had remarkable patience, knowledge of the area and best of all, I was able to improve my photography. I was lucky in that nobody else had signed up for the tour so it was my husband and I. We were able to spend time with lessons/practice indoors with totem poles and learn more about the area and history. Rain or not, this was, by far, the best excursion booked during our alaskan vacation. I highly recommend this (we did the basic group tour) and can only imagine what sites and photo op’s were waiting for us had the weather cooperated. Photographers at any level will enjoy this, you will NOT feel intimidated by your level of knowledge! A nice bagged lunch was provided

Visited June 2015

-Gio T., Ann Arbor, Mich. Trip Advisor


“The nicest folks to work with you’ll ever find !!!!”

Reviewed July 6, 2015

We booked two tours with Rainbow Glacier after reading all the positive reviews on TripAdvisor. On the morning of our first tour, our ship could not dock in Skagway because of wind. I called Robert to explain our problem and ask if a last minute cancellation might be given. Even though we ultimately docked in Haines where our rafting trip was scheduled, he agreed – no problem. So appreciated his customer service.
We came back the next week to Haines for a photography class with Tom. This time the ferry was broken — BUT — Rainbow Glacier CHARTERED a ferry for their guests to ensure that we were able to make it to Haines from Skagway for our various adventures !!!
Our photography class with Tom Ganner was just wonderful. Not only is he an excellent photographer— he is an even better teacher. His patience was so appreciated as he worked to ensure that I finally got the PERFECT Eagle shot !!! I cannot say enough about Tom and Robert and this company.
Have no hesitation — they are first class ..You won’t be disappointed !!!

Visited July 2015

-banks134, Raleigh, NC, Trip Advisor


“Photography Tour in Haines, Alaska”

Reviewed June 30, 2015

I had a really great time on the Photography Tour in Haines, Alaska with Tom Ganner and Rainbow Glacier Tours. I booked through Holland America. We took our time with several subjects at several different sites. Tom was very instructive and encouraged creativity as well as answered several questions. He had some example pictures on hand that he took, in some cases, and explained what he had done to achieve certain effects. He recommended playing with depth of field and exposure bracketing, and he was very patient. We never left a particular site until all photographers were happy with the shots they got, and the tour was crafted to encourage creativity. We had shots of bald eagles, of a glacier, some totem poles, wildflowers, interesting structures, etc. I was very happy with the tour and would highly recommend it.

Visited June 2015

-Nick N., Erie, CO, Trip Advisor


“Excellent photography tour in Haines, Alaska”

Reviewed June 19, 2015

While planning for a recent cruise through Alaska, my wife and I wanted to go on a photography tour that would allow us to see a side of the state that was a bit more off-the-beaten path than many of the excursions offered by the cruise ship. We found Rainbow Glacier Adventures and Tom Ganner by doing some online research and the photography tour in Haines was the highlight of our trip. Tom took us to spots that were scenic, historic and beautiful. He showed me a few tricks that aided my photography and was an excellent tour guide. His passion for photography and the region was inspiring and I recommend this tour to anyone traveling through Haines or Skagway. We photographed eagles, totems, wild flowers, mountains and a beautiful old cannery. We had a great time and would definitely do it again if we make a return trip to Alaska.

Visited June 2015

-Mason7127, Seattle, Washington, Trip Advisor


“Eagle and Waterfall and Flowers! Oh My!”

Reviewed June 17, 2015

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Ganner in Haines for a photo tour that was booked through Holland America. Tom was very knowledgeable about photography, the town, and its cultural traditions. He shared his talents and answered questions freely in a down-to-earth manner that was not intimidating. It was the best tour on our land and sea trip, and we are grateful to have met him. I purchased his photo CD; the photos were amazing, and I would recommend them for memories of the tour in Haines with Tom, the beautiful sights, and to learn from his photos on how to become a better photographer. Thanks, Tom!

-CindyH, Trip Advisor


“Tom Ganner Photography in Haines, Alaska”

Reviewed June 13, 2015

The expedition in with Tom Ganner in Haines, Alaska was the highlight of my trip to Alaska. Tom not only took us to some beautiful places, he provided historical context and helped us with our settings and composition. He is an amazing photographer and human being. He was patient with all of and even carried around my lenses for me! Many of my favorite images from our trip are the ones I took with Tom. Don’t hesitate signing up for his adventures. They are worth every penny and more.

-linspa2015, Flower Mound, Texas


“Photo tour in Haines, AK”

Reviewed June 12, 2015

Never having taken a photography tour before, I wasnt quite sure to whatI was in for. Thought there might be all these pro type photographers and I might not enjoy it. Srprise, the folks on the tour were just like me, wanting to learn fro our guide and gentleman, Tom
Ganner. He was so helpful to all of use that are learning and to the few that were more experienced than the rest of us. Showed use unique ways to frame our shots, found use some eagles, etc.. Tom even brought us a sack lunch, it really hit the spot.

Thanks Rainbow Glacier Adventures and a special thank to Tom Ganner.

-Santa Bruce L., Westfield, Mass


“Excellent Photo Tour”

Reviewed June 11, 2015

Book this through Celebrity. Met Tom, our guise at 7:30 am and the group was 9 people. Tom is top notch, knows the are and explains many things about location, lighting and subject. This helps taking a great image.

My only regret is I didn’t also book the afternoon tour the same day so I could have spent more time shooting with Tom.

Thanks Tom for a job well done!

Visited June 2015

-Steve T., Orlando, Florida


“Photo class in Haines”

Reviewed May 29, 2015

The person that ran the tour/class Tom Ganner was great. I booked this class through Holland America. Tom was very knowledgeable and helpful. His tips really helped. My friend was lost with her new camera but Tom got her going and then her shots were spectacular.

-CJDA, Saint Louis, MO




Photographer’s Dream Package is the “real deal””

Reviewed 1 week ago for a stay in September 2015

We stayed at Su Casa for five days in late September, booking the Photographer’s Dream Package. Tom Ganner gave us daily generous one on one pointers. He showed us locations for capturing images of eagles , bears, and landscapes , plus instruction on how best to post-process digital images. The cabin is located 6 miles south of Haines on good roads, and adjacent to Tom’s home. It is cozy and well appointed, having all the amenities one might need. An eagle blind sits below the main residence with a view of Rainbow Glacier. We had a great stay, learned a lot, and the Ganners were gracious hosts. Highly recommended.
Charles & Joyce, Argyle, TX