Terms & Conditions

No boilerplate here … just plain speaking. You will be my exclusive guests for your day in Haines. I also limit my services to one tour per day in order to make sure your experience is the best that I can offer. In consideration of this exclusive service, the following Terms and Conditions are set forth.


A 25% deposit is requested at the time of your request to secure my services on the date of your arrival and stay in Haines. The balance is due two weeks prior to your arrival. You will receive an invoice for each payment request.


In case of cancellation requests:

Deposits may be refunded up to two weeks prior to your reservation date, with the following exception: If another request has been denied due to your booking, your deposit will not be refunded, but may be used toward a new reservation within a season (approximately one year) of your original booking.

A full refund of booking will be made in case your ship is unable to dock in Haines due to force majeure circumstances.

Weather may preclude our tour. Weather is a fickle factor in Southeast Alaska, and I may not want to go out in the pouring rain any more than you do. (Having said that I have led many a tour on a fully rainy day to rave reviews at the end of the tour). If the weather is less than optimal, we may postpone the time of departure in order to work around the weather. (One of the benefits of having an exclusive tour). It is not uncommon to have a rainy morning and a stellar afternoon. If at the end of the day we ALL agree that the weather was bad enough to preclude our tour, a full refund will be gladly given.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me.