Haines is located on the shores of the northern Lynn Canal, the deepest, longest fjord in North America. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and hanging glaciers, Haines is truely in the most scenic setting one could imagine for any destination in Alaska. Just north of Juneau and a little south of Skagway, Haines is only 40 miles from the US/Canadian border and is accessible by road, air and water.

By Land

The Haines Highway is in my opinion one of North America’s greatest roads. Connecting up with the Alaskan Highway at Haines Junction in the Yukon Territory, Haines Alaska is 150 miles down a breath taking road that will lead you through some of the most dramtic country of mountain passes and glacial morphology I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Please review the Alaska DOT page for the Haines Highway at:  http://www.dot.alaska.gov/stwdplng/scenic/byways-haines.shtml

By Air

My recommendation is to find your way to Juneau via Alaskan Airlines, and if continuing by air, I prefer Alaska Seaplanes to complete your journey from Juneau to Haines. Otherwise, enjoy the ferry from Juneau, coming by water.

By Sea

A scenic and relaxed trip up the Inside Passage is a quiet adventure everyone should experience. You can make arrangements to travel from Bellingham, Washiington, or Juneau, Alaska (or any number of other towns along the way). For schedules, pricing, and information, contact the Alaska Marine Highway System

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For more information on Haines, Alaska, visit the Haines Visitor Center Online

Haines: where art is an adventure, and adventure is an art! We have a creative commuinity: Alaska Arts Confluence