A cast of characters:

American Hotel, Cerro Gordo
Our videographer Gordon Wilson
Gordon’s wife Laverta, aka “Cake Lady,” builder of all cakes and tasties.
Best man Ross Ellis, and wife Candy. Ross introduced me to geology, which he always felt bad about since it changed my life and led me to a late career as a teacher. He was a professor of structural geology at Western Washington University in Bellingham
Keeper of the peace and owner of Cerro Gordo and Swansea … Mike Patterson
American Hotel, Cerro Gordo
Mike’s wife and co-owner of Cerro Gordo … Jody
American Hotel, Cerro Gordo
The American Hotel, oldest standing hotel east of the Sierra (until recently destroyed by fire) was a leading character of the day
American Hotel, Cerro Gordo
Mike, Jody, and son Shawn (in reverse order) in the lobby of the American Hotel
Guitar Frank and Penny the poker queen. Frank gave me my introductory tour on my first day in Saline Valley
Mike and son Sean. Wrong place to keep boots clean?
Turtle Jim Hay, who coordinated catering through Lee’s Frontier Market and Chevron station in Lone Pine below. And Pretty Penny!
Desperate Dave and Delirious Donna of the Carlo
El hombre Federico
Midge the mother-in-law to be
The Reverend “Sweet Dick” Richard Spining and best gal Paula
Darling daughter Rena
BF Jill and Sophia Ann
Brother Russ made the 3000 mile trek to a world quite different, and daughter Rena
Big Bad Bill Hann
Soon to be brother-in-law Ron
Pretty Paula, Brother Russ, and Roomie Robin

The Ceremony

American Hotel, Cerro Gordo

The first reception

While a few of us schmoozed outside, the hotel was readied for the banquet.

Carolyn and her Mom
Mother-in-law now …. she is stuck with me!
Surrounded by brothers, blood and otherwise
One big happy family now
Carolyn and Mom
Dad and daughter
Daughter and Donna
My family of blood
American Hotel, Cerro Gordo
We were warned and cautioned that a shot on the balcony was a risk that was on us.
American Hotel, Cerro Gordo
American Hotel, Cerro Gordo

The Dinner

The catering consisted of hay bales, ice, and kegs. Guests were requested to grace us with their presence, and not presents, and particpate in a pot luck in lieu of gifts. It worked! I had a turkey smoking in the ice house, and between the ceremony and the feast, our friends schlepped chairs and tables and made way for the meal.

Turtle Jim and Mark (Mr & Mr Carver) carve up the smoked turkey in the hotel kitchen, which still had a dirt floor back then.
Laverta the “Cake Lady” is long famous for designing unusual cakes to fit an occaision.
A wonderful tradition. She has been feeding me ever since.
Thanking the cake cook.
Among many toasts which led to the next party …

Party aftermath

Once again the friends pitched in, schlepped the tables away, set chairs up on the perimeter so we could not jump up and down next to the walls, which were then separating from the floors, and the dance began, and the drinking continued. Music provided by cassette, speakers powered by an extension cord coming down the mountain from Mike and Jody’s house.

Looks like folks had some fun:

So far so good honey

The End

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